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It's one of my weaknesses, next to a beautiful face and sweets. :P

:icongirladrencodephoenix: tagged me to do a meme so I guess I should do that... 


1. You must post these rules

2. Each person has to share ten facts about themselves

3. Answer the ten questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up ten questions for the people you tag.

4. Choose ten people and put their icons in your journal.

Ten Facts About Me:

1. I love drinking tea. I mean, I'm English, so that should be a given, but still.

2. Terrified of harmless spiders. Have little problem with tarantulas though, probably because they're all fluffy. :3

3. I have a tumblr... apparently. Found out a few weeks ago that I'd made one way back for college and updated it once. I'm using it now, though, and posting all sorts of anime crap and general ramblings that are too long for my twitter and too stupid for facebook. 

4. This is already starting to get difficult. There's another fact for you. Stick it.

4-1. Ok fine. In between university and plentiful gaming, I'm trying to learn how to play bass guitar. It's slow going because it's less of me learning and more just playing random stuff that I feel like playing from tabs at the time.

5. I consume entirely too much pizza. And everyone thinks I'm weird when I have ham & pineapple. 

6. I will be moving properly away from home soon. Going to live with my friends from school. We always used to talk about it, but we never thought it was actually going to happen, but now it is and it's really weird. And exciting. 

7. Ok, now I'm really getting stuck... uh... I actually suck at video games. I know, I'm on a video game design course, and I love PLAYING games. I just suck at them. I can prove this by pointing to the game of civilization that my housemates and I are playing. They're all currently around 900-1000 points each while I'm still down on 600. The only reason I'm beating two of the other team is because they're being destroyed by our military. 

8. I buy things I don't need because they're shiny and new and I want them. For most people this isn't a problem but these shiny things cost me hundreds. I bought a PS4 because I wanted it and all the games I've played so far are a bit...well, rubbish. I'm kinda regretting it to be perfectly honest. I don't regret the katana though, I can guarantee that.

9. I bite my nails waaaay too much. I know I have to stop, but I can't help it. >_>

10. I'm a pro-procrastinator. I'm avoiding work right now, simply by doing this!

Answers to the tagger's questions!

1.  What would you want your last meal to be?  Drink, dinner and dessert!

Oh jeez... I don't know really? Drink I'd probably have a coke because I'm boring like that. Dinner would have to be a full english roast dinner with all the meats. Beef, chicken, pork, and vegetables including broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, parsnips, potatoes (crispy on the outside, fluffy inside,) and a couple of yorkshire puddings, covered with gravy. Gosh my mouth's watering just thinking about it! Dessert is a tough one. Perhaps one of girladrencodephoenix's cakes? I have to imagine they're the best tasting thing ever.

2.  What is your favorite movie to quote?

Probably Lord of the Rings, I think. It's fun calling someone a "Fool of a Took!" every time they do something stupid.

3.  If you had to get a tattoo, what tattoo would you get and where?

The Hylian Crest, and it'd be somewhere I could keep it hidden but still show it off without breaking any laws if I needed to. 

4.  If you could live in any fictional world/universe, which would you pick?

I'd live in a Studio Ghibli film. They all seem to take place in the same sort of world. Either that, or the Avatar world.

5.  Do you pronounce caramel as "care-uh-mell," "car-uh-mell," or "car-mell"?

Uh...this is awkward. None of those. It's more like "cah-ra-mel" which, with an American accent, would probably sound like "care-uh-mell"?

6.  Choose three words to describe yourself honestly; what are they?

Angry, Caring, Stupid.

7.  What is one thing you never expected to like, but ended up really liking?

Asparagus. No, really.

8.  What is your top fictional OTP?

It varies, but right now it's Ira Gamagoori and Mako Mankanshoku from Kill la Kill. It's cute it the way Daenerys and Khal Drogo were cute. (YES I SPELLED DAENERYS RIGHT FIRST TRY)

9.  What is your favorite gemstone and why (if there’s a reason)?

Sapphire I think? It's blue and therefore cool. (Pun not intended)

10.  Zombie apocalypse time.  What person – fictional character, OC character, or real life person - do you want watching your back?

I'd have a Warhammer 40k Space Marine. Sure, they can run out of bullets for their boltguns, but when you're an 8-foot tall armoured giant, not much is going to stand in your way, least of all zombies or even other survivors. 

I don't imagine I'll tag anyone else, because nobody else really reads this, and certainly none of my rl friends actually use DA enough anymore. Also I can't be bothered to make up 10 questions, so if you want to do this, just use the questions I answered. I'm lazy, deal with it. :P

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